Less effort for greater accuracy 

Hi Peter. Yes it works. Much easier for me to play with, and my accuracy was impressive compared with the heavier mallet. I think I have more of a tendency to twist the heavier mallet as I hit, to offset the weight effect on my hands.

I was very pleased overall with accuracy of my distance hitting as well as getting through hoops. So sometimes it is worth changing the croquet mallet, just carrying it around the court in comparison was significant.

Attracted instant attention, so may get you some more custom. Will keep your card in my purse.

Nance, Newcastle, Australia


Hello Peter, thanks  for doing such a good job on my mallet. Even though it weighs in at a pound less than my old one, without expending more energy in a shot, I feel I can hit as far and as hard with it, with the same accuracy. I enjoy the ability to take it apart so simply for transportation on the airlines. Saves a dollar too. The mallet is so well designed with it`s new technologies I feel that you will have no problem selling this beautifully constructed product. Cheers John

John, from the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia

Hi Pete,
Thought I'd let you know how much I enjoy using my new PFC Hoop Maker mallet.  As I've lost strength in my shoulders I'm finding the new lighter mallet easier to use.  My length of court roquets  are now more successful as I'm able to hit longer distances without the strength needed previously.  The balance of the mallet is also excellent which has made hoop running more enjoyable and successful.  Overall the PFC Hoop Maker is a joy to use.  The fantastic look of the mallet is also a talking point with much interest from croquet players asking questions and for the web site address. All the best Brenda
Brenda, Mount Sugarloaf, New South Wales, Australia
Hi Peter.

Just a note to thank you for supplying the mallet, it is an excellent product and may just be the best of those available in Oz.
Not only is it good to look at, it is proving to be particularly suited to the golf game.  There is little doubt it is also an
effective implement when playing AC however I as yet have not had time to fully pursue that aspect.
Good luck with the sales.

Forster, New South Wales, Australia
Hi Peter. 

A note to let you know how delighted I am with the Hoopmaker I recently got from you. Beautiful balance and always swings on axis. Deadly in front of hoops. It plays really well on both fast and slow courts and it's combination of weight and balance could not be bettered. 
I have had some excellent mallets ( RPM, Terminator etc) but the Hoopmaker is the best. Also,quality of workmanship is superb and the rapid delivery time is amazing. You have a super quality product. 

Best wishes,
Peter .  Port Macquarie,  New South Wales , Australia