Less effort for greater accuracy 

At PFC HOOP MAKER MALLETS, we are focused on providing the highest precision  manufactured croquet mallet it is possible to make. As each mallet is perfectly balanced and accurately manufactured to within 90% of one thousandth of an inch, they are completely CONSISTENT. They will not absorb moisture, or change shape and as no wood, glue or carbon fiber is used, the Hoop Maker retains its integrity for life. 

We have removed one major element that may contribute to a poor stroke by providing a CONSISTENT mallet. 

We don't think its possible to make a more perfectly made mallet.

We recognize the need to reduce the necessity to hit a ball hard to achieve any desired goal, because the softer a ball is hit, the more accurate you become. The Hoop Makers patented and registered design has achieved that goal.


Computer design, the manufacture of  many prototypes and a year of testing in both controlled environments and in competitions, and the use of precision manufacturing  machinery has enabled us to achieve our desired result.


With a variety of handle alternatives', we're sure you'll be happy with your PFC HOOP MAKER and HOOP RUNNER mallet. You will purchase the finest precision instrument it is currently possible to manufacture.


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