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Why make a mallet so accurately:

To eliminate inaccuracy caused by striking face variation.

Hoop Maker Mallets guarantee the both striking faces of our alloy mallets are exactly ninety degrees to the centre line of the mallet. Why? Because with every degree of offset, a ball may be incorrectly hit by one inch over seven feet six inches - and that error is not the fault of the player.

Striking face 'offset' may occur at the time of manufacture, because wood changes shape over time due to consistent impact shock and moisture absorption, because Fibre Glass/Carbon Fibre 'compress shatters' over a period of time and/or because glues have been used.

All these possibilities have been eliminated in the manufacture of the Hoop Maker. There is absolutely no variation to the plane of the mallet and the Striking Face of the Hoop Maker. The Striking Faces will remain at ninety degrees for life. The materials used and the method of manufacture ensures a perfectly 'true' profile for the life of the mallet.

Why are there so many holes:

The concept of the design of the Hoop Maker is to reduce the effort necessary to send a croquet ball to any destination accurately.

The number and position of the holes in this patented design has achieved exactly this objective, reducing the impact to send a ball the desired distance and thereby increasing accuracy because you don't have to hit the ball quite so hard.

Is it made from one solid piece of metal:

Yes the Hoop Maker is made from one piece of alloy. Using this technique, we are able to machine the mallet in one process with no interference. This enables extreme accuracy. In fact it takes almost 30 minutes to make the alloy mallet and the striking faces at the same time.

What's the advantage of metal over the other materials used:

Alloy is used because it is 100% consistent throughout. We have found only alloy enables us to make an extremely accurate mallet. This manufacturing precision and accuracy can not be achieved using any other material. Almost perfect balance is attainable using alloy.

The unique alloy used in the Hoop Maker enables impact shock to be accurately predicted and used to increase user comfort. This really is a technological leap forward in mallet design and construction which has enabled us to achieve our aim of producing the most reliable and 'comfortable' mallet it's possible to manufacture.

Can I order a handle other than round?

Yes, currently handles are available in round, square, rectangle, or ovoid shapes in two sizes - smaller circumference for ladies and larger for gentlemen. You can specify the circumference you would like at the top of the handle.

Is the handle protected if I hit the top of the hoop during a clearing shot?

Yes, we protect that area of the handle with 'cushion grip'. This considerably reduces the possibility of damage to the handle in that area and is also complimentary to 'rolling shots' in Association Croquet.

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