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There is certain information we need to know to enable us to supply the mallet that suits you best.

1. We would like to know the distance you require from the bottom of the mallet to the top of the handle.

2. Would you like to unscrew the handle into two halves? This feature is available for an additional $56.00.

3. Two foam handle covers are available

        a. a hard surface grip - usually preferred by gentlemen. These handle covers are black.

        b. a slightly softer grip - usually preferred by ladies. These handles are blue.

4. Would you like our new rectangular-ovoid handle? These handles have the flat sides of a rectangular handle and a round front and back. They have been developed for players with hand and grip difficulties as the handle fits comfortably into the web between your thumb and fore-finger to provide a comfortable grip, yet provides a good sense of direction when playing.

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