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BLACK STRIKING FACE COMPETITION HOOP MAKER.The 11' (28cm.) long head -  LIGHT WEIGHT - black face MMT - Competition Hoop Maker (weighing 2lbs. 6ozs. (with a 36" handle) is the most popular for Golf and Associatin competitive players WITH ARTHRITIS, ARM OR BACK PROBLEMS.   It is almost 1lb.  lighter than the heavier Competiton Black Striking Face mallet and because of its perfect balance, places laf less stress on hands, arms and backs when contact is made with the ball.The new shock absorbing mallet shafts also help arthritis suffers by taking additional shock out of the contact with the ballWHAT COLOUR LOWER HALF SHAFT WOULD YOU LIKE

11" (28cm.) COMPETITION - LIGHT WEIGHT - 2lbs. 6ozs (with 36" handle) SYNTHETIC

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