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D MALLET WITH SYNTHETIC BLACK STRIKING FACEThis 9 5/8" (24.5cm.) LIGHT WEIGHT 2lbs. 6ozs. mallet is for those club players who would like a perfectly balanced mallet at a reasonable price.THE LIGHT WEIGHT MALLET HAS BEEN MADE FOR FOLKS WITH ARTHRITIS AND ARM AND BACK PROBLEMSThe Standard mallet is manufacured to an accuracy of one thousendth of an inch and is delivered in perfect balance.The Standard MMT mallet is perfect for the beginner who wants to improve their game, right up to Club competition playWHAT COLOUR LOWER HALF SHAFT WOULD YOU LIKE

9 5/8" (24.5cm.) STANDARD - LIGHT WEIGHT (2lbs. 6ozs (with a 36" handle) STANDAR

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